Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finished project

I finally got to finish this project last night after a few weeks having to work on others. The pallas' warbler was one of my favourites to work on, one of my favourite species, I got to work on several roughs before I settled on the final layout. It has been a long time since I sketched pallas', hopefully it won't be the last this autumn.

 Snow buntings, some recent sketches from Tory Island and last winters flock at greystones were used for this.
 Waxwings, I havn't seen a waxwing in two years, but this autumn has seen big numbers arrive into Britain, hopefully it won't be long before they make their way further west.
 Puffins, it was great to be able to use the many sketches and photographs from Tory Island last spring. The birds are full of character, and even when they are just sitting around, they look like they are about to do something stupid!
 Bearded tits, the small population that has established itself in the south east has spread quite a bit in the last few months. Always a welcome sight, I hope to get out and see them again soon now that the first round of projects for college is almost over.