Sunday, January 15, 2012

 Rough-legged buzzard. Another successful day out in Wicklow. After a quick search for the snow buntings at Greystones, I made my way to the viewpoint above Kilcoole and spent over an hour checking the local buzzards there before heading back down to the coast to try the area around Glenroe farm. Almost immediately I spotted the bird circling low over the ruins in the stubble fields just to the north. It dropped out of view so I walked down the road and got great views of it perched in trees constantly mobbed by the local hoodies.

 Always seemed to perch on the thinnest of twigs at the tops of the trees revealing tiny feet!
After some great views in flight and perched I went down to Kilcoole to look for the tundra Bean Geese found the day before. There was already a group there watching the birds distantly behind Webbs field when I arrived. Although distant and in poor light the long neck and head/bill of the birds was striking though most other features seemed to rule out Taiga, nice to see despite the conditions!

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