Saturday, February 25, 2012

 Over the last few weeks there has been a water rail in a small marshy area in U.C.D. and I finally made it down last weekend to have a look. After a 2 hour wait I had fantastic views as it fed in the shadows along the stream. It seemed quite content among the vegetation but quickly raced through the open areas. Was great to see large numbers of siskins, long-tailed tits and bullfinches in the area as well. Hopefully I will get back down before too long.

 While checking a local dipper site on the way home from U.C.D. I spotted this fox sitting calmly on the far bank of the river near Terenure village. I was able to spend almost an hour photographing and sketching it before I had to move on. A local came down and threw the contents of a can of dog food across and told me that the fox is a regular here from around 4 in the afternoon. Will definately be back down here again. Was also surprised by a pair of Mandarin ducks just above the weir.


  1. Hi,
    A few days ago I spent an hour browsing through your facebook site, and I have to say that your sketches are nothing short of a revelation! Very inspiring stuff - so inspiring that I went out in temperatures just above zero to make my first field sketches in 2012. I've made a link to your blog on my blog, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
    Regards, Øivind

  2. Thank you very much Oivind, I will do my best to keep updating the blog and facebook regularly. Looking forward to browsing your blog now.
    Best wishes,