Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bird of prey studies

 I spent some of my first week of the Easter holidays in Connaught working my way from Ballyvaughan in Clare to Sligo via Achill Island. I spent a day at the bird of prey centre in Ballyvaughan and another at the eagles flying centre in Sligo. I spent most of my time sketching the owls as they tended to sit still, but after plenty of warm-up and practice I tackled the livlier falcons and hawks. The peregrine and lanner at the bottom are 2 of my better works.
 Long-eared owl. Both centres had long-ears, in sligo I was able to sit down beside one and worked up several sketches, a dosing barn owl beside it also got a lot of attention.

 Barn owls
 Peregrine studies, one of the peregrines in sligo was constantly screaching and I made several attempts to capture this. When I finally had one rough I was happy with I worked it up with more detail.

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