Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some recent photos

 The view approaching Tory Island, not often seen below a blue sky!

One of only 3 corncrakes to show well despite the great weather. This bird was sitting on a wall beside the road on my way to the pub late in the evening, the birding never stops! 
 Gannets on Saltee, the colony on the west end of the island is a fantastic sight.
 Kittiwake, the first time I have seen a 'red-legged' kittiwake, always worth looking for the real thing though!
 'Bridled' guillemot, atleast two were on the southern cliffs on Saltee.
A pair of chough showed well on the southern cliffs, regularly returning to the same outcrop, undoubtedly nesting nearby. It was great to get good, close views of these after all my recent views have been pretty brief and distant.

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