Tuesday, October 2, 2012

College work

Its been a while since I have posted anything as I have been busy getting back into the swing of college. Am hoping to get back upto Tory Island for a few days this weekend and am going to Aranmore tomorrow in search of a few migs. For now just a few roughs from my first college project due to be handed up at the end of next month.

 The brief was to illustrate 5 pages from a book read over the summer. I picked out two I thought would be great, the jewel hunter and 100 birds to see before you die. I started by roughing out several ideas and species, starting with guerneys pitta.

 I tried out a few species from various previous trips, cock of the rock above.

 I finally decided to settle on illustrations of 5 Irish birds to see before you die. White tailed eagle was an obvious choice as I have sketched them many times in the last few years at falconry centres, and the success of the re-introdution in Kerry.
 Barn Owls are another favourite, although I have only seen one wild bird in the last few years despite a few stake outs.
 Bearded tits and waxwings were also high on the list. I have a rough list of 10 species, but nothing set in stone just yet. Have until the end of October to finish the project.


  1. Love them all but especially the waxwing, eagles and barn owls - good luck with the project!

  2. Great sketches! What are you studying???

  3. Thanks very much. I am studying illustration at Ballyfermot college in south Dublin. In my final year and have a little more say in the project themes, so expect plenty more birds!