Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sinensis Cormorants again

I was passing Swords yesterday so decided to pop in for a while as it has been so long since I have been out in the field. Driving along the river on the north side I picked up the 1st winter sinensis feeding close to the bridge. It was difficult to follow through the trees along the road, but eventually it sat out under the flyover. 1 ruff and an adult little gull showing the start of a hood showed nicely infront of the dog kennels.
While out on a break this morning I finally pinned down an adult sinensis that had been present all winter on the canal near my house. Most times I saw it I was on the bike and it would dive, re-surfacing 30-40 metres away so I could never confirm it. Other times I saw it from the car as it sat on street lights but views were never clear enough.
Was delighted to finally be able to confirm it before it departed. It has been niggling me all winter because it has been so close to the house. The  ring-billed gull seems to have left, I last saw it on waste ground a week ago. Still no signs of spring, not a single migrant yet.

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