Monday, July 29, 2013

Recent birding

 Bearded Reedlings
It was a quite day in Wexford on Saturday, but only 2 juv reedlings showed well despite the great weather. A few waders had returned, 12 dunlin and 8 ringed plover, no juvs yet but nice to see autumn migration starting.

 This sanderling was one of over 200 on the beach at Pilmore in east cork last week. I spent the evening there, 24 hours before Irelands first Mongolian plover dropped in!

 Juvenile Dunlin from Pilmore last week. About 150 dunlin were on the beach with the sanderling, this was the only juv, the silver ring on it's right leg was unfortunately illegable.

 With the Mongolian plover on Pilmore I worked up a field sketch from China in May, have a few more sketches I'll hopefully get back to work on soon.

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