Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something to look forward to.

 I spent most of Christmas working and saving and booked flights today for Shanghai in early May, the number one target is spoon billed sandpiper. By May they should be coming into summer plumage, if there are any...
 I drew a few sketches of birds from videos on youtube, trying out some water colour pencils. A few birds are seen annually in spring on the mudflats of Rudong near Shanghai, and fingers crossed, a few will linger into May this year.
 Field sketching has been limited over recent weeks because of work and college projects, these are a few sketches from Dublin zoo over christmas. The red pandas seem to love the cold weather, and frosty mornings seem to see them most active. 


  1. Just can`t believe it that nobody has checked in yet! Stunning Spoonies Robert! Wish you to have the chance to sketch them in the wild too...
    Lovely red-pandas!


  2. Thank you Paschalis. At the moment I am really looking forward to the trip, I am sure I will be far more nervous closer to May! Red pandas are a favourite of mine, full of character and beatiful animals.