Tuesday, January 29, 2013

College project

 I have finally got a bit of time to work on one of my final projects for the year where I am able to write my own brief. I decided to illustrate identification plates for the 4 small harriers to be found in Ireland, Hen, Northern, Pallid and Montague's. I am aiming to produce a large piece on each species covering all plumages and another showing just the juveniles. If I have enough time I am also hoping to finish plates for pipits I started during the summer and have not had time to work on during terms.
These are some of my initial roughs for the juveniles, hen on top, northern below. I don't think they work to clearly and need a little tweaking, extending the 'hands' to show the primary pattern more clearly. The upperwing also needs to be shown in a  simpler pose.

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