Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sinensis Cormorant

 This first winter sinensis cormorant has been at Swords estuary in north Dublin for several weeks. I spent yesterday morning there to try and get some studies of it compared to carbo's, but this was the only cormorant there in over 2 hours! It showed really well, sitting out and preening for most of my stay before flying to the outer estuary. A little egret and a few buzzards were also around, and a female sparrowhawk made a few attempts at the huge flock of golden plover present.

 Some head studies of the cormorant. The angle of the yellow gullar patch on the throat is the simplest way of separating the continental sinensis from the atlantic carbo.

It was great to work with such a co-operative subject!


  1. Un trabajo excelente Robert.

  2. Cormorants - they're certainly not likable at first sight, but they just grow on you....