Sunday, September 15, 2013


 Male Crossbill, Blackhill, Wicklow, 2006
Have been looking for crossbills a few times in the last while in hope of digging out a two-barred crossbill. The Wicklow mountains can be a frustrating place to search for them, lots of pine forests isolated by large areas of bog. Luckily one of the closest tracts to my house has atleast 20 birds at the moment, probably a lot more judging by the direction of their comings and goings. I have had difficulty pinning them down and getting pro-longed views yet, despite the lack of many drinking pools. In the past, summer has been a great time to look, a stake out of puddles has usually led to great views.

Sparrowhawk and crossbill
Yesterdays attempts were constantly foiled by this sprok which repeatedly attacked every time the flock settled. Had my first buzzard at this site yesterday, it got a hard time from a pair of ravens.
Two-barred crossbill
Its been a few years since I saw a two-barred, a juvenile at Baltimore in west cork was the first in Ireland in 80 years, possibly the first for the Republic as well?

Fallow deer seem to be everywhere in the mountains, I am constantly flushing small parties every corner I turn.

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