Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ivory Gull

 I travelled down to wexford on saturday morning in the hope that the ivory gull would still be around. It was still dark when we arrived but we were told it had already been seen flying below the carpark. It took a short while before it was located feeding on carrion and viewable from a muddy field. For the next 4 hours we enjoyed incredible views of this stunning bird. After feeding for all of this time, it shat, preened a little in the water and then flew into the centre of the lake where it continued to preen.

 It turned out that the gull was feeding on a porpoise, quite an oddity in a land locked coastal lake! It just shows how powerful the recent storms have been to push this over the dunes and into the lake.

I didn't spend much time sketching the bird, and regret not having made more of such a great opportunity.

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