Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ross's gull

I had just finished some work and about to make some lunch yesterday when I got a text about an adult ross's gull feeding along the bull wall in north Dublin. I threw everything into the car and went hungry as I made my way through lunchtime traffic. As I pulled up the bird was feeding just feet off the rocks below and for the next few hours I enjoyed incredible views as it fed along the causeway.

 The bird was feeding close in to the shore for the whole afternoon, but would regularly get up and fly short distances before settling down again. It remained on show until I left in near darkness.

 I worked on some paintings of the bird this morning, have a few more to finish off yet.
While on the causeway, the 6 snow buntings that had been in the area all winter flew in and landed close by, much to the annoyance of a small group who went off in search after seeing the ross's gull!


  1. Wonderful, delicate Gull studies Robert! Every post a delight!


  2. May I add my voice to Paschalis' post, which conveys my appreciation to your drawings perfectly well. Your birds are just delightful!
    At my modest level, I have a passion for animal drawing and I post some sketches on my blog Perhaps I may have the pleasure of your visit on it.