Friday, May 2, 2014

More reedlings

Spent most of today watching the reedlings again. Quite a bit of progress since my last visit, the two nests both hold chicks which are being fed by a female and atleast two males each! 3 males chasing a female at another site close by early this morning also. Still only the two confirmed nest sites though.

I spent quite a bit of time sketching the birds today, my first time this year. Both nests were visited by adults almost every 5 minutes, the begging calls of the chicks could be heard clearly but they are probably only a few days old at the most.
I was able to watch the adults feeding along the water surface at the edge of the channels collecting beak fulls of insects. It was amazing to see how many insects could be held. With all the food being brought back to the nest so regularly, the adults often left the nest again with full bills.


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