Friday, May 16, 2014

Some recent pics

 This bumblebee was found by a friend on the patch a few weeks back, we had spent all day friday in the area and again on monday when it was found. A little galling to think we missed some species of shrike, a family that is pretty scarce in Ireland and one I could never tire of seeing!
 While looking for the reedlings during the week I found a nice channel with a family of water rails, 2 adults and 5 tiny black chicks with white bills, I have never seen chicks this young before and hope to spend some more time watching them tomorrow.Will hopefully get a few shots and sketches of the family party.
 This Hairy Dragonfly was my first of the year, having only emerged recently from the looks of it. On wednesday it was in almost in the same spot as the previous sunday and looked a little un-gainly. Whirring the wings, he lost his balance and fell into the water, I am sure he would have got out himself, but after a few minutes of struggling I helped it out with a long reed.

The wings didn't look in the best condition and might explain why he hadn't moved far. I left a friend photographing it and again, it ended up in the water after whirring the wings!

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