Monday, March 26, 2012

At the Zoo

Was at the zoo today with college and got to spend a few hours wandering around in the glorious sunshine. Last time I was here I had a hawfinch fly over calling, and woodpeckers have been seen regularly along the boundary so I tried to keep an ear open. Took out the water colour box for a quick wash but it was run over by a buggie and trampled by screaming kids shortly after, a bit of a disaster really. Still, happy with a few sketches.

The red pandas were out playing in the sunshine all day and I got plenty of sketches but most of them were pretty poor. The snow leopards on the other hand were asleep for most of the morning, any time they were woken by screaming children they looked far from impressed!


  1. Thank you Paschalis, I got a few free tickets so I plan on being back for more very soon, I just hope the weather is half as good!