Friday, March 23, 2012

Ring-billed gull again

Found this adult ring-billed gull last thursday on my way into college, it was sitting on a road light and I nearly crashed the car as I passed underneath when I spotted it! I have looked for it almost daily but have seen nothing.Today I was on the bike and nearly ended up in the canal when it flew up from the water beside me! I had no camera or sketch book again with me and was in a rush to get to college in time so I thought it had gotten away again. Amazingly it was sitting on a rooftop on my way back from college so I sped home to pick up the camera and sketch book and was more than relieved to find it in the same spot when I returned. Despite throwing out the best part of a loaf of tesco's finest white bread, it refused to leave its roof-top perch and just glowered down on me as lesser black backs, herring and black backed gulls fought it out. The bird has been around the Goldenbirdge luas stop in Drimnagh and well worth a look if anyone is passing by.

Adult ring-billed gull, on the roof of the old Dulux shop, 23 March 2012

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