Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bray birding

I spent 2 years in college in Bray a few years back and regularly checked the harbour. In all my visits I only ever had single Glaucous and Iceland gulls, with an ad ring billed gull regularly returning annually since. This winter a minumum of 4 Icelands and an adult Kumliens have been present and despite several visits I have yet to see anything more than a Mediteranean Gull! The sea front is always full of large gulls and big numbers of turnstones which show down to feet, making great subjects. Today, a single immature great black backed gull dominated all the others.


  1. Fantastic fieldwork!!


  2. I second that, Paschalis. The GBB is majestic - looks like a 3 cy bird? I used to favour the smaller gulls, always thought they were more well proportioned. Now, I think the larger gulls are among the most interesting to sketch. Brilliant work.

  3. Thank you very much. I enjoy sketching large gulls, they have a nice structure and can show great plumage complexities, they also tend to sit still for longer periods which always helps! I think my favourite gull will always be the small and elegent Ross's though.