Monday, March 19, 2012

wexford sketches

A few sketches from the weekend.

Singing reed bunting and female siberian stonechat. South Slob, Wexford, 17 March 2012.
I had a bit of a struggle finding the stonechat but there was plenty of interesting birds about. Reed buntings were busy singing and 3 buzzards displaying over head added to a spring feeling.

 This male Shoveller made a nice subject while waiting for bearded tits at the east end of Tacumshin, several pairs fed and roosted around the lake.

After a long walk around Ring Marsh on the 18, I finally picked up a pair of bearded tits. The female quickly disapeared but the male showed really well on and off for 30 mins or more. A pair of stonechats blocked my way back to the car and were a nice comparison with yesterdays female siberian.

This whimbrel was one of several fresh migrants around Carnesore point, I should have stayed drawing and painting for longer but I was starving and breakfast called! I had a water colour sketchbook with me, but completely forgot about it! I really should start using it more as the cartridge paper is not the best to use when wet.

Long-billed dowitchers, these 2 have been present at the Cull in Wexford all winter, best viewed on the rising and falling tides. I spent most of the afternoon trying to get good views but unfortunately they were quite flighty. Eventually the rising tide pushed the flock up to me and I got good views of one, though the late afternoon light was against me.

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