Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dippers on the Dodder

I have been out searching my local area for dippers and kingfishers in the last few weeks. There has been a well watched pair near my parents for the last few years but it is a difficult location to sketch in because of countless dogs and their owners. I found a new nest downstream of a pair last year which are a little more off the public path. The birds are used to people and my presence hasn't seemed to disturb them at all. They were busy nest building at the end of last week, regularly returning with mouthfuls of moss and grasses.

In the same area there has also been a pair of kingfishers nesting in the roots of a fallen sycamore tree for the last few years. These have been popular with photographers and unfortunately attracted a film crew from RTE's living the wildlife series who hacked down bushes around the nest, the damage is still visible 2 years on. The nest and perches set up by photographers are visible from a public path, with dogs and children often running down to the waters edge only feet from the nest. Fortunately spring is in the air and with buds showing through it wont be long before the area around the nest is little more secluded.

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